So, by me being a photographer I find it strange that most models, that have a manager or agency representing them, still intend to communicate with photographers (and other companies) that wants to book them for work. Yet, the models knows that they are not allow to communicate with photographers until their manager or agency contact deals with the photographer(s) that wants to book them. 

It's funny because most models will go ahead and book a photo shoot with a photographer, and when everthing is set and ready to go, the model will mention, "Oh, you have to contact my manager first, or you can get in trouble for booking me." Really!? Why waste time like that? I find it funny, but at the same time unprofessional. Most models that are on various portfolio websites (like Model Mayhem, Facebook, One Model Place, etc.) do not state that they are represented by a manager or agency. 

I guess it's just me, but when I want to book a model for work I would like to know all of the facts first. I don't like being surpise once everything is booked and ready to go. Thoughts?